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Saturday, 29 October 2016


Bonda (Superwomen) used to remind me of her Kebun dog named Megat, as she narrated stories about the dog's loyalty in guarding a given territory with its own life. She also told stories of her sister's dog who guarded her kampung hill-side home in Serdang before the era of Mines Wonderland. Bonda's compassion towards animals (and Nature for that matter) knows no boundaries - all are living beings meant to be respected (and not to be disturbed in some cases). She taught me that there are conditions where dogs can be touched without having to undergo a cleansing ritual (samak), certain rules to be adhered and respected when it comes to dogs. But certainly they are not to be hated. I'm not a fan of dogs, neither do I hate them. But seeing my friend Anderson Ee (the Director of H3RO) enjoying the company of Nimo and Mafia Junior (owned by Kak Bara and Abang Rasyid to guard their beautiful abode) during our H3RO's gig at Selat Bagan Nyiur, my heart melted. Such heartfelt bond, so much love, honesty, respect, loyalty, care, joy, happiness, play, humor, enthusiasm, excitement, these are the essences of living and being. These are also the core values of H3RO. (Photographed by Delly Adeela)

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