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Friday, 8 July 2016


Pembacaan formalistik tentang ruang 'puncak' negatif (tidak ketara) pada arca "Puncak Purnama" dari facebook Anwar Suhaimi.

Sebagai perbandingan, lihat pula pembacaan dari Simon Soon terhadap isu pemusnahan "Puncak Purnama" dari sisi yg lain pula. 

"What was UMBC getting out of commissioning and gifting this sculpture to 'the people' of Malaysia? How did the arts function as a form of cultural capital in the economic modernisation of the country? In what ways did the artwork embody the idiosyncratic ambitions of nation-building during the early years of Mahathir? And how did it prefigure the transformation wrought on KL's urban landscape under a rising class of corporatist Melayu Baru and their Chinese capitalist compatriots?"

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