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Thursday, 7 July 2016


"For all the glib (yet extremely facile) references to the mythical Gunung Ledang, the use of glass-ceramic as coating material to give it the presumably polished surface, the meaning we invest in the sculpture is really indicative of how we use the language of myth to mask a possible reading that this is really a standing beacon of capital."

Simon Soon' fb

The public sculpture Lunar Peaks (Puncak Purnama) was commissioned by the United Malayan Banking Corporation Berhad (UMBC) in 1986. Photo: National Visual Arts Gallery

"Dr Ibrahim Ghaffar, the chairman of PENA (Persatuan Penulis National Malaysia, who was a sculptor himself in the late 1970s, remembers spending time with Syed Ahmad during the construction process ofLunar Peaks. According to Ibrahim, Syed Ahmad’s paintings from his Gunung Ledangseries also played an important part in developing the ideas behind Lunar Peaks.

“In our conversations, Syed Ahmad saw Ledang mountain (in Johor) as a starting point in Malay civilisation and culture. He wanted to bring a part of the mountain’s spirituality to the heart of the city. For me,Lunar Peaks operates on so many levels, it is one of his best works,” says Ibrahim."

The Star, 5 July 


adj. glib·berglib·best
1. Performed with a natural, offhand ease: was fascinated by his unfailingly glib conversation.
2. Given to or characterized by fluency of speech or writing that often suggests insincerity, superficiality, or a lack of concern: criticized him for being glib about something so serious.


a. Done or achieved with little effort or difficulty; easy: a facile victory.
b. Working, acting, or done with ease and fluency: a facile writer; facile prose. See Synonyms at easy.
2. Arrived at or presented without due care, effort, or examination; superficial: We don't need another facile solution to a complex problem.
3. Archaic Pleasingly mild, as in disposition or manner.

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