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Saturday, 17 February 2018


Imagine and feel, a world without these:

  • the military-industrial-media-politico-banking complex increase their power and continue their pillage across the world;
  • pharmaceutical monopolies amplifying the drugging of society, as well as keeping many of us sick so that they maximize their profits;
  • movements rise up only to be vilified and disassembled, such as the Occupy Movement;
  • science turned into a corporate institution, as well as further hijacked by an inaccurate and small-minded philosophy of reality;
  • wars purposely created with millions of people dying for the whims of the shadow empire;
  • radical extremists massaged into proxy armies to do dirty work for the collapsing power structure;
  • air, medicine, food and water becoming purposely more toxic;
  • governmental policy increasingly being determined by corporate/elite interests;
  • police being militarized all around the globe;
  • the education model struggling to become less of an indoctrination system; and
  • the agenda of global governance becoming closer to fruition.

Imagine and feel a world, with these:

  • economists who want to transform the Keynesian model to legitimate alternatives;
  • teachers who understand the massive holes in the indoctrination system called public education;
  • scientists who want to evolve the way energy is created and shared;
  • health practitioners who see the limits of mechanistic and pharmacological medicine and the need for the reintroduction of natural and plant-based therapies;
  • journalists who demand that the media monopolies need to be disassembled;
  • environmentalists who want to transition the way food is grown and distributed;
  • community leaders who aim to reintegrate them to better support its members;
  • politicians who understand the democratic system has been hijacked by big money;
  • activists who campaign for revolutions in our value systems; and
  • futurists who want to change the systemic template for our societal health and well-being.

(Sourced from The Mind

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