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Tuesday, 30 September 2014


Reaction on another reaction of another reaction from another reaction......a chain of reaction on social media, can behave like a nuclear reactor, based on series of chain reaction, to exponentially grow to release a massive energy outburst that destroys everything on its path.  A tiny ripple can escalate into a giant wave or even tsunami. 

Everyone online now seems to have a stunning ability to sniff shits (that are not really there in front of them), except their own. Everyone online seems to have woken up, to smell other people's shits. Everyone seems to be very fast in sharing their reaction to people, events or happenings that they don't really encounter and experience. Everyone, including those whom I previously presumed as 'clever' and even 'pious'.  Interestingly, some of the people, events and happenings didn't really exist or didn't really take place at all, or in most cases, have been 'distorted' and 'got lost' in the intricate cybernetic webs of reaction upon reactions, or....ecstasy of hyper-connectivity.

Instantaneous communication and the ecstasy of hyper-connectivity, as the outcome of information implosion, may make everyone feels 'high'. Yet, like the actual ecstasy pill (or of similar mind-shifting nature), it may result in someone in a remote kampung in Malaysia, having a heart attack, due to some event that is taking place thousands of miles away. There were stories about how soccer fans died out of heart attack while watching a live-telecast of world cup match involving a team that he supported dearly. My late guru, Ismail Zain used to write and speak about this more than twenty years ago.

As we engage in the 'high' of hyper-connectivity and the confluence of hyper-view, it is highly pertinent to occasionally get offline, smell the roses (not shits), engage in the experience of 'living' and 'being' in a truest sense, and free ourselves from becoming an over-reactive slave or numb agent of a social-media 'nuclear' bomb.  

This is the predicament of hyper-view, a virtual voyeurism without a spiritual compass that may destroy humanity from within, regardless of whatever 'labels' one puts on his/her forehead.



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