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Saturday, 27 September 2014


With Tan Sei Hon, Azzadiah and Long Thien Shih, confronting Bar-coded man.
Bar-coded man is an epitome of global digitization where everyone, and everything  are reduced into 'data'. Everyone has his/her own binary coded identification (credit card, hp no, email address, facebook/twitter account, bank account,etc). All his/her 'online' actions can be traced, accessed, quantified, studied, tabulated and analyzed in real-time to form his/her 'psycho-metric' profile. The profiles, both micro/individual and macro/societal level are stored as a part of a massive web of global 'meta-data', accessible only to few obscured trans-national mega or giga-corps, their local proxies, political elites and 'minions'. The meta-data can be used, abused, manipulated, exploited to discretely feed total economic control, global domination and manufacturing of public opinions or global consensus; as well as complete take-over (possession) of individual privacy (and dignity).

Welcome to post-colonial cosmopolitanism.

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