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Saturday, 12 December 2015


What is the lower mind? Some refer to it as the 'reptilian mind or the primitive 'beast' in us. Here's what our lower mind does:

Senses threat and decides whether to fight or flight, seeks self-interest and material rewards or grattification, seeks pride, driven by greed, motivated by defeating and controlling others, blaming, dominating, manipulating others, striking back, the port of ego with a narrow perspective on self, others and life, sees self as totally independent and separated or different than others including nature and the universe, in constant war, competition, resistance and fear of anything perceived as threateting both personal & collective ego. It can easily get agitated, angry, unsettled. Familiar picture, as these seem to b the prominent features of our inner vibes and daily reality. 

Lower mind is practical for survival and day to day struggle, fun & spicy, but destructive if left unchecked. It is disruptive if not balanced by elevation or levitation to a higher mind. 

What is higher mind? Higher mind is normally associated with neuron sparks & activities in the front or neo-cortex region of our brain, according to neuroscience. Here is what our higher mind gives us:

Love, compassion, emphaty, honesty, sincerity, gratitude, acceptance, tolerance, joy, connectedness, oneness, wholeness, egoless collective universal Self, euphoria of hope. 

We need more people (including those in the creative fields such as visual artists) who can elevate us to a higher mind, not descending us into the stressfull destructive abyss of the lower mind. 

Too many stress-induced works can increase the level of cortisol (toxic hormone) in our body, reducing our immune system, in fact according to some studies, killing us slowly. The myth of suffering artists with emotional baggage and pain-body (plus short life span) has become a tired cliche. 

The higher mind, especially love, compassion, sincerity, honesty and gratitude, as expressed in myriads of creative forms, elevate the level of serotonin (a healthy hormone) that can increase our immune system. We live longer. 

What about our leaders? Well, each of us is a leader who can elevate him/her-self and others to a higher mind, from an increasingly stressful life under the unchecked sway of the lower mind. 

Stay awesome. 

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