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Wednesday, 23 December 2015


Elok tak elok, tetap selamanya adiguru aku. Alfatihah.
(Good or bad, still 4ever my sifus. In my prayer.)

“My conviction is that with the advent of scientific theories on relativity, infinity, dematerialization, implosion etc, the introduction to primeval experiences in the future is not history or anthropology, but physic.” (Ismail Zain: 1978)

“If in the past ‘intuition’ had seemed a suspicious word to the scientist, it is today becoming a necessary key to new discoveries. After all, how many significant scientific ‘breakthroughs’ have been made on the basis of notions that first manifested themselves as ‘intuitive’ deductions! Similarly, if previously science had refused to function on the basis of uncertainties, there is today a greater willingness to entertain factors which cannot be explained logically. A classic example in 20th century physics is Huisenberg’s ‘uncertainty principle’ which marks the limit of the scientist’s interest in the electron’s exact nature and location in space.” (Redza Piyadasa & Sulaiman Esa: 1974)

Written 37 years ago, and 41 years ago. Where am I now?

Still with 'identity crisis'?

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