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Wednesday, 7 January 2015


After crying for weeks in sadness, our deeper and higher consciousness gave us a wake up call. Lets take a paradigm shift-return. (Berhijrahlah, demi masa kita.)

This is my seposen (little) reflection on the recent flood disaster that strucked several areas in Malaysia. Also the AirAsia disaster, which is hypothesized as having to do with water too, in a form of clouds. I am also recalling my childhood memory when my late father used to teach me to take ablution (wudhu'). 

Water is known in many spiritual traditions as a sacred medium of cleansing. In abundance, water is taken as a blessing, a medium of life force. It is symbiotically connected to humans in a quantum unity, echoing the ebbs and flows of our collective consciousness. Yet, in blind greed, wrath, anger, hate and contempt that may have inflicted our current collective consciousness, water have also behaved similarly, spilling over and bringing disaster. 

Then again, if we care to shut up and reflect deeper, every flood left myriads of new or fresh beginnings, healing and changing our physical, mental and emotional landscape to synchronize them in a harmonious symbiotic relationship - humans amongst each other and with the environment, full of love, joy, gratitude, happiness and compassion. 

One can start by looking in a calm silence at a pool of clean water as contained in our palms (that may appear in a shape of love); taking a deep breath while giving abundance of gratitude, love and respect, before washing our face with it. Try it. May the force b with us to protect us from future wrath. Peace b upon us.

Al-fatihah for my beloved father-guru, Saidon Noh. Missing him so much. 

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