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Saturday, 24 January 2015


I submit. "Gerak Melindung & Mengasihi" (Loving Protector Motion). These are two composites inspired by a motion-captured image by Nur Zaidi. Nur Zaidi is currently doing his Phd in mapping 'abjad' or Arabic letters through 'gerak' or body movements in a traditional Malay martial art called Silat Titi Sebatang. The lines in the composites were actually traced from moving points (placed on a silat performer body) in space. They were motion captured using multiple cameras. As the points (titik) moved, and viewed from top, they appeared  to form the Arabic letter 'ba' (near enclosed eliptical shape like an ear or a kidney or a seed). 'Ba' is the first letter in the opening of Al-Fatihah, the 'heart' of the Quran. The lines amazingly fit perfectly with the profile contour of a pregnant women. They also appear to envelop and protect a baby as shown below.

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