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Thursday, 20 March 2014


So many people today are clever and smart. Mind-centered cleverness and smartness dominate our world today. Yet, thinking and living are two different experiences. 

Living and being come from awakening, enlightenment, consciousness and creativity. They do not exist 'in thinking or in mind'. Such experiences exist in silence and stillness outside time and space. Time and space are created by the mind. Both allow us to experience situations, but not being trapped by them. Awakening, enlightenment, consciousness and creativity can only be unveiled if we managed to detach the 'I' or 'me' from total identification with the mind or thinking. One needs to just 'be' (the silent witness) of mind, or the observer of thinking.

Yaaa, I know, that monster-child of mind called 'ego' in us will dismiss this as mumbo-jumbo nonsense. How can one be outside the mind??? 

But the truth is that the mind is just a dress we wear. Its an excellent tool nevertheless. It has been bestowed upon us to experience our dream of forms (physical-mental-emotional experiences). But the mind is not our true Self. Our true Self is the master and user of this tool, master of the mind, the silent witness. The tool cannot become its master or user. Think about a pointer (sign), it cannot become the pointed (or signified).

Yet, instead of being a 'dress that we wear' or mere tool, human mind has (pretended) to be the dresser. It has taken over its 'host', possessing the host even. So many people have totally identified (become totally dependent and attached) with their 'tools' to a point that the tool has become the master/user. The pointer has become the pointed. The sign has become the signified. 

The mind constantly needs to create a false sense of self (ego) to survive. It needs to feed on the past and the future, never the NOW. Thus, it is trapped by its own past and future, without ever 'being' and 'living' in the 'presence'/now. Collectively, it has become a toxic wasteland (collective toxic memories through ages and generations across many human civilizations), possessing its host, vibrating, transmitting and spreading its stinking signals like virus. It feeds on its own toxic 'shit'. It feeds on body-respond (emotion) to  turn itself into a monster that sucks life force or creative energy from 'being' and 'living'.  

Excessive 'thinking' will always pretend to be 'me' or the 'I' (thus, must be 'protected' at all cost). 

Excessive thinking that creates collective human 'unconsciousness' (or forgetness) is today at its critical stage. It is manifesting itself in myriads of tangible forms that we normally label as 'bencana', 'malapetaka', 'bala'.

Yaa, I can relate to your mental argument, very clever, smart. But mannnnn, the insecurity, fear, anxiety, anger, hate, envy, resent and grudge (no matter in what form, or whatever mental 'justification') that you project to feed that argument of yours, really stink!!!!! I could smell their stinks from kilometers away, even virtually.  

After so many years of tolerating such stinks, and at times wearing them (to a point that the 'stinks' have become 'me' whilst I can't smell them anymore), its time to take the stinking dress off. 

So, please excuse me, I need to go and change.  I need to wear a fresh new dress, now, and every NOW. (Setiap Sekarang)

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