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Friday, 28 March 2014


"Dear Mr. Hasnul, how can I be outside my mind and feeling? Its rather nonsensical and kind of mumbo-jumbo. I am what I think and feel, .....don't I?"

Okay, let say you have a point, an opinion, an intellectual position, a thought pattern. Lets focus on that thought for a while, without being judgmental, without responding or adding another thought to it. You don't have to shut it off either. You can't. Just witness it, observe it.  Just be aware of that thought. Let it be. 

Now, imagine seeing (and hearing) that thought as a sound or musical note, vibrating in a certain frequency and amplitude (degree of loudness) like a wave. Again, just let it be. Let it echo. Do not resist, let it pass through you. Witness how long that particular echo, note, sound or thought will last as you witness or observe it NOW, every NOW. Be presence.

Okay, now imagine tuning or lowering down the amplitude (loudness) of the thought.  See and hear 'through' it. As the amplitude of the thought lowers, shift your awareness to the feeling that comes with the thought.  Your are shifting from witnessing 'thinking' to witnessing the 'feeling'; from being aware of thinking to being aware of feeling.

Identify the feeling, as some forms of emotional register. Let say they are fear, insecurity, anger and hate. Be intensely aware of the presence of these emotional forms, dwelling within you. You don't have to force yourself to shut them off. Acknowledge them, see them, witness them, hear them, smell them, shine a light on them, but do not respond, do not add another feeling to them, do not resist, do not feed them either, just let them be. Now, imagine seeing (or hearing them) as sounds or musical notes, vibrating in a range of frequencies and amplitude (loudness) like waves. Just let them be. Let them echo through. Do not resist, let them pass. See 'through' them. Witness how long those echoes, notes, sounds or feelings can last.
Now, shift your awareness to the silence rather than the sounds. Imagine seeing your emotional sounds as musical notes on a piece of white paper. Shift your focus to the paper, not the musical notes. Be the paper that allows the musical notes to be written. Be the silence and stillness that allow the sounds to vibrate and be heard. Be the stillness that allows thinking and feeling to 'appear'. Witness how long they can 'exist' and 'stay', before they start to disappear or dissolve into the silence, into nothingness.

Thinking and feeling, once witnessed or observed, cannot stay long to pretend to be the 'real YOU' (the ever-presence silent/still witness or observer). They cannot take over YOU, or create a false sense of self (ego) that will veil your true light (Self-being-essence) from shining through.

As you are being aware of your thinking and feeling, you are unveiling your inner body hidden underneath the 'noises' of your thinking and feeling. Those noises (frequencies) can become very dense and opaque, including what you take as you 'body'. As you become the witness or observer of the dreams of form, space and time, you make your body, thinking and feeling transparent, without having to shut them off. No more violent waves (thinking) and 'bad weathers' (feelings) to obscure your inner body to glow and shine.

The longer you can be aware (witness or observer) of the noises of your thinking and feeling, the more they lost their power (grip) over you; the less opaque they become (more transparent); the larger the gap (opening or door) to enter your inner body and let it glow and shine. 

Now, you are ready to journey within, to search and rescue your true Self, hidden or obscured (veiled) by your false sense of ego (created by thinking and feeling). From there, your may return to your true nature, destination, the Hidden, the Secret, the abode of eternal Love and Peace, the place of Return, the Source, the One, with no opposite, no binary - a state of Oneness and Union.

But please remember, these are just words. Words are mere pointers, signposts, representations, mediators, bridge, language. They are still mind created forms. They are not the pointed, the signified, not the One, not the Source. The Source can only be experienced, but not 'explained' or 'described'.  The One, the Source, is not the 'explanation' or the 'description', not the sign, not the language, not the representation, not mind forms. So, don't stay and hang on to words, you can't find your true Self and the Source in mind forms, in words, created by thinking and feeling. 

Nonsensical? Mumbo-jumbo? You decide and chose what form of thinking and feeling to wear. But they are your dress, your tool, not YOU. They are just transient dresses that come and go, exist as manifested forms in binary opposites, or oscillation of positive and negative, good and bad, happy and sad. You can never find your true Self in them. Now, when I say 'YOU', I'm not talking to the thinker, but to the witness or observer of the thinker.  

I'm talking to the witness who is experiencing the transient process of thinking and feeling, not the thinking and feeling, wokay. I am connecting to the witness, in our journey to return to the ONE.



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