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Friday, 22 May 2015


Not 'Dumbledore' or 'Gandalf', but our very own charismatic wizard & yoda - the Kadazan-Dusun's healer. Photo by Mohd Shukur Jahar (KK-based), sourced from "Bebayu Exhibition Project" by Jebat Photography Club.

Another photo by Mohd Shukur Jahar of the high priestess of Kadazan-Dusun. Job spec includes to cure illness with herbal remedies, and play a mediator between the spirits and the people. Luv the hood.

Many UMS (Universiti Malaysia Sabah) students did their animation (2D/3D), documentary and docu-drama, short film and recently holography and video mapping projects as inspired by Sabah's rich folklores (stories) and characters (designs) including on the Bobohizan. Most fell understandably short, in many aspects. Yet, there were also few stunning and amazing works, especially in character design. Their works reminded me of our own rich regional repository or treasure of inspirational traditional folklores and charismatic characters that can inspire us. I've been lucky to c them for the past few years at UMS and bloged about few. Would b awesone if the faculty could re-collect the best of the projects and do a touring show. Sadly, as usual, and as in the case of innovative student projects in UNIMAS, theirs were not as exposed as their friends' in other Semenanjung institutions. Here, Im refering more to design, film and narrative-based media art. As some of us have grown up to luv and admire iconic pop-culture fictional characters from the West, here in Sabah for example, I've been lucky to witness how our young creative talents have firmly-invested their creative projects with local-inspired heroes. Notwithstanding good or bad projects (or 'artefacts of interest'), I give them (and their lecturers) a solid 'wa tabik lu'!!!!!

The following is another example from Sabah, photographed by my nephew, Anas. 

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