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Thursday, 26 May 2016



After listening to a bunch of individuals who have silently dedicated their life to help others, driven by the spirit of 'BELAS' (love and compassion that arise naturally and honestly), committing to their acts for more than 10 years or so while facing obstacles that may make others faint or lose their hearts, I have been so humbled. Their stories have enlightened me. They are my 'beacons of light', my true 'advisors' and 'experts'. I really wish they could B such for everyone as well even though I know that would b difficult since these individuals prefer to b 'under the radar'. Nonetheless, thank you infinity.

Plus, these individuals have opened my heart to look beyond the 'touch & go' events where a bunch of 'instant young activists' with 'brand experts/spin doctors' and 'their rich clients with thick pockets' go to a particular community to claim their events as 'successful community engagement'. 

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