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Wednesday, 25 May 2016


"An advice I appreciated because it taught me to teach with heart and not as an exchange of currency. Praise God, He did it through  18 years although I felt so much weaknesses revealed even after 18 years. Life is a journey, not a destination." 
(Ling Siew Woei, lecturer, MMU)

OMG Siew Woei, u still keep this! Im so very touched. It actually came from my parents, especially my late father. Credits to them. Tq for sharing and reminding me as Im also getting jaded and sad. So timely, as just this morning, I was given an 'advise' by a so-called 'xpert' who seemed to hold a demeaning view on 'mature and old demography' as if they r worthless. This xpert also 'advises' me on the importance of focusing on 'young people' as a 'targeted demography' for 'branding' exercise. I though that it is our duty to bring together the old and the young together through 'love and compassion' instead of separating and creating a chasm between them. Siew Woei, I needed to see this. The Universe has its own way to heal me (us). Thank you & luv infinity.

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