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Thursday, 12 November 2015


Re-visiting the epic & iconic "Ramayana" (1972) by Syed Thajudeen, recalling the high of encountering the same painting at the old National Art Gallery during college days. Other than Amron's and Anuar Rasyid's, S.Thajudeen's "Ramayana" especially the layered and glazed surface got such a high 'angin' that can make me sound like a bomoh if I try to verbalize. Not sure about his recent works, maybe the observer (me) is jaded. The subjective recall of "Ramayana" colors in this photo was done with VSCO and Instagram filters. Actual experience during the physical encounter presents a less vibrant pallette, perhaps implying a pressing need for proper restoration. Syed Thajudeen Retrospective will open at the Penang State Art Gallery this coming Saturday.

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