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Saturday, 14 November 2015


Hate appears in many disguises, mostly in the name of god and in the name of global peace. Behind the facades of religious xtremism and global capitalism, are two networks : 

1. A network of people driven by xcessive need to dominate and control the whole world, turning the whole world & its citizens into their big market and blind slaves.

2. A network of extremist using the name of god to violently force the whole world and its citizens into their religion. 

Number 2 is too popular in the mass consciousness thanks to CNN, BBC, ABC, & orher likewise global newsmedia.

Lets check number 1.

Those behind network 1 are so good in making the whole world point and demonize others xcept their greedy and hateful selves. Its a classic game of distraction and  misdirection. They feed hate with mass insecurity, fear and greed. Hate as their currency stays and feeds on chain reaction, especially from those who r loving and kind towards the whole living beings. Their modus operandi is to provoke, gain attention and solicit immediate reaction or knee-jerk response from the global mass towards their targeted victim of blame or scapegoat.  Their mandate is to spread or viral hatred amongst living beings through chain reactions to justify their self-appointed role as a 'peace-keeper'. So, please please please la, do feed them, their ignorant stooges and their disguised acts. Do no give them attention. Do not response emotionally with hate. Do not react hatefully. Do not spread such response and reaction online. Thats exactly what they expected. Instead, shower them with love.

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