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Sunday, 2 August 2015


Why la, some people with so much shits up their asses, busy with other people's shits? 

Fighting darkness may sound noble. Darkness in this case, refers to evilness, not the Zen notion of 'nothingness' emptiness or silence, ok.

But fighting darkness with a dark heart will not bring any light, please la paham sayang oi. (Please understand).

"Fight the darkness, destroy the darkness, oppose the darkness!!!"....we can shout that as loud as we could, but we will end up making more noises, and darkness will still b there. 

In fact, and this is what many wannabe 'hero' couldnt see, darkness seeks attention to itself. It survives on negative feedbacks that preserve it. It lives on negative feedbacks in order to divert (or veil) people from searching for the switch (reach deep into their hearts). Darkness knows that if everyone reach deep into their hearts, do a super awesome cleansing, and turn them on, it (darkness) will cease to exist. 

So, please la wake up. Why feed darkness with more negative feedbacks. 

Why dont we search for our switches, our hearts, wash them in order to turn them on together. If there r more & more of us doing this, the less the darkness, the brighter our now and every now. 

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