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Friday, 26 June 2015


Too busy entertaining anger, envy, hate, contempt, fear and insecurity towards whoever and whatever u had assumed opposing u?

Yes? No prob, fully understand, especially as we r living in this troubled and confusing times now. 

But the thing is, most of these 'opposites' that opposed u, could well be your complimentaries, meant to make your being and living, whole. 


Because deep inside, even in denial,  u actually looked for them, u wanted them to b around u, and needed them to stay the way they are, to oppose u, much like how Batman needed the Joker, in order to sustain his reason to b a Hero, or the other way around. 

What will Batman b without the Joker and all the other bad jokers around? A hero? 

Can someone who secretly needs (and manufactures) his/her opposites or enemies b a true hero? 

Or making peace and accepting one's 'oppositions/opposites' as they are during during the moment of encounter, is actually an important part of a Hero's path?

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