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Friday, 4 March 2016


According to Nassim Haramein's physics, when you properly account for the effects of spin in Albert Einstein's field equations (torque and Coriolis forces), instead of predicting a black hole being a funnel shape going to singularity, Nassim predicts the topology of a black hole's energy flow to be that of a dual Torus (like a doughnut shape on top and a doughnut shape on the bottom with the singularity in the middle, between the two tori).

Enormous torus-shaped rings of radiation surround the Earth, as they do all other planets, stars, galaxies and all other black hole objects centered by singularity. Until just recently, it was thought that all of these radiation belts formed due to the same forces, but now there is an understanding that different belts arise due to different sets of forces. 

The recently discovered 3rd Van Allen radiation belt is comprised of super-high-energy electrons moving at close to the speed of light. 

Image: NASA

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