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Wednesday, 28 October 2015


Dont understand la some buggers. U know whatever u focus on, u attract. So, focus la on what u want braders and sisters. Why the heck la u focus on what u dont want and dont like!! If u chose to focus and believe that some dude is so bad like absolutely and forever, adding hate to the believe, then no surprise la that dude always behave badly towards u, & hate u too!! Likewise if u believe bad things can happen to u, it happened la oiii. U ask, pray and wish for it, your quantum wave vibrates with what you focus on and believe in, to function like a magnet that attracts likewise energy. 

So please la, drop your nonsense. Stop wasting your precious time focusing on whatever and whoever u dont like. Start focusing on and believing in things, people, events that u like, or better, love. 

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