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Wednesday, 1 February 2017


Dear Mr. Villeneuve, 

Another reflection that I would like to share with you is on your interpretation of Dr. Banks' state of mind and emotion. Specifically, I am refering to her emotional responses towards her flashing encounters with her own future. 

Here is where things can get a bit confusing. Since we have been predominantly conditioned by a logical, rational and linear notion of time through linear language, it can be confusing to negate it through non-linearity and non-locality. Confusing perhaps due to my writing. I will try my best. So please bear with me. 

For me, knowing (or experiencing fragments of one's future), will eventually alter it. The future for me is a field of infinite quantum possibilites before we make a choice of intent, before we make a choice on what to think and feel in every waking moment. I know, some of us may take some time to swallow this. Allow me to proceed.

In other words, we create our possible future, in every conscious moment. The moment we do that (choosing an intent, choosing a thought, choosing a particular emotional state to experience), all other quantum possibilities collapse, except the possibility that we have chosen through our intention, our thought and feeling. This process takes place in every fraction of our conscious moment. Lets take a deep breath. 

Our living experience, or our state of being is based on how we choose and decide to think and feel. Put it this way, we choose how to experience reality, how to live life, how to be. We make that choice in every moment, every fraction of a second, every 'now'. 

Now here is where things get a bit more 'entangled'. 

Our choices (intention, thoughts and feelings which are of higher frequencies) are fundamentally interconnected. These higher inter-connections are referred to by physicists as quantum entanglement. They influence our personal and collective consciousness. In other words, they influence the way we experience our tangible reality, in every moment or every now of our consciousness. 

This leads to the 'nowness' of a non-linear language, as the one used by the aliens in your movie. I believe that it is also the central premise of your movie, as experienced by the main character, Dr. Banks.

So what exactly is this nowness of non-linearity?

In the name of time, there is only now. Yesterday, tommorrow, the past, the future, all can only exist in the now, in the present. When we choose to think and feel about the past or the possible future, we do it now, and every now. Such nowness has to be experienced rather than told. Once we get a grasp of such nowness, we can understand non-linearity, including its language that comes in many forms. 

Nonetheless, since our minds have been conditioned and trapped by the modern language of linearity and sequence, its hard to let go. 

So we still want to ask what the future will unfold?

The possible collective future that will unfold or manifest depends on our inter-connected collective intentions, thoughts and feelings (higher frequencies) at every single moment of 'now'. In other words, our personal and collective inner states (or quantum states) of being will influence our future. 

For example, if the dominant thinking and feeling of the majority of the global population call for war, then war will eventually manifest in the future. In contrast, if the majority call for peace, peace will unfold. 

Our inter-connected intentions, thoughts and emotions fluctuate individually and collectively in various frequencies at every moment. The question we need to ask ourselves collectively is what are our dominant inner states now and every now? 

Do we want hate, greed, fear, anger, suspicion, envy, insecurity, frustration, despair, hopelessness and ungratefulness to occupy our inner quantum states in every moment? Do we want to focus on these states of being, to entertain and invest our thoughts and feelings on them, to feed and perpetuate them by focusing on them?

Or do we want to choose love, compassion, gratitude, honesty, joy, happiness and hopefull as our dominant collective inner quantum states in every moment? 

What do we choose to occupy our every now?

In many forms of spiritual traditions, the nowness of non-linearity is achieved through repeated invocations or affirmations. For example, it is achieved through 'doa' and 'zikr' in Islamic spiritual practices. Both are taken as the most essential tool for a peaceful living and being (sejahtera). You may google them. 

Nothing is fated before it takes place in the physical reality (or in the lower/slower tangible frequencies). Even flashes of fatalistic personal future cannot be taken as the only version of future that may take place. For example, if I knew ahead that there will be a big hole on the road I was using, and have seen one possible future where my car crashed into it, I will happily choose to avoid it before it takes place. I can choose to pro-actively work on ways to avoid it. I know that there will be many possible futures that can take place, and that I am an integral part of such unfolding. 

Central to experiencing the nowness of non-linearity is to be highly aware or mindful of what one chooses to think and how one chooses to emotionally experience every moment. Unlike your main character Dr. Banks, I don't choose to be fatalistic and melancholic. 

Yet, if there is a hint of persuasion in your movie, I would say that it hints on the need for us to globally shift towards a heart-based living and being, towards a higher mind way of thinking, feeling and being. 

After-all, our hearts are inter-connected and speak in the language of non-linearity. They communicate in a quantum language or in the shared language of harmony. Our minds may like to create the illusion of separateness, but our hearts can bring us back to our shared humanity, as epitomized by your main character. As implied by your movie, we urgently need to return and arrive at our shared humanity through non-linearity. The time is NOW.

Thank you. 

Kebun Jiwa Halus
7 Tingkat Permai
11700 Gelugor, Penang,

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