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Tuesday, 26 January 2016


One unique proposition of quantum paradigm is entanglement. Quantum wave function or in short qwiff that is separated in terms of distance can entangle and cohere with another qwiff at another location. Such notion of distant connectivity without intermediary is referred to as non-local entanglement or coherence. Non-local entanglement or coherence is explained through quantum field theory, which perhaps can also be used to explain how human minds are essentially inter-connected across space and time. Such inter-connectivity is dubbed as the ‘Universal Quantum Connection’ (Taylor: 2010, p121). Physicist Ervin Lasszlo describes such inter-connectedness as the following:

“There is a form and level of coherence in the various domains of observation and experience that involves a quasi-instant transmission of information across space and time…I present evidence that the ‘non-local coherence’ is widespread in nature, occurring in the microdomain of the quantum, as well as in the mesodomain of life…” (Ibid, p121).

In Islamic practice, such description of non-local inter-connectivity across quantum field without intermediary is closely related to the notion of hubungan batin or spiritual connection, amongst humans (Hablumminannas), and humans with God (habluminallah). Salat (prayers), doa (supplication) and other religious rituals are means to form both local (with intermediary) and non-local (without intermediary) connectivity. It can also be linked to the concept of ukhwah or social camaraderie, in which the individual is accepted as a part of the whole where both are actually entangled, connected by unconditional love, compassion and honesty. In traditional paradigm, non-local entanglement is commonly interpreted as taking place in the heart and vibrating at even higher frequencies than the mind.

Sulaiman Esa
"Doa / Supplication" (1999)
Mixed-media, 114x66cm
(Collection of Petronas Art Gallery)
Nasir Baharuddin
"Menganyam Pixels / Weaving Pixels" (2011)
Mixed-media on canvas, 183x172cm

Hasnul J Saidon
"Ripples in Fukuoka" (2013)
video projection on ceramic bowl and water, published books, laser and LED pen, white granite stones, LED light, 'rehal', plastic floor mat.

Inter-connectivity and non-local entanglement can also be traced visually in the interlocking modular patterns of geometric and arabesque language; or found in the tree-like over-lapping neural network of human brain cells, as well as the inter-connected hyper-linked data in the information network of the internet.

(c)2004  Pepin van Roojen

Purkinje cell in the cerebral cortex by Santiago Ramón.  -

"Internet map 1024" specifically January 15, 2005. by The Opte Project 
Originally from the English Wikipedia; Licensed under CC BY 2.5 via Commons (, accessed on 15 January 2016)

"NetworkTopologies" by NetworkTopologies.png: 
Licensed under Public Domain via Commons – ( accessed on 15 January 2016)

To explain non-local entanglement or quantum connectivity, physicist John Hagelin suggests the existence of a ‘Single Unified Field of Intelligence’ at the basis of nature that humans can experience to generate rapid individual growth and radiate holistic influence of peace over humanity.(Ibid, p168)

“If we assume that at our core level of being we are all intimately connected in a unified field where we are all one, it becomes very easy to understand how we influence one another.” (Ibid, p84)

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