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Sunday, 8 March 2015


“If we always keep kind thoughts, we will purify our own body, and thus become beautiful and healthy. If we always keep kind thoughts, we will also purify the environment and people around us. The most direct way to purify the world is to keep kind thoughts. It would have a tremendous impact on the world if the public could see that point.”(Physicist, Dr. Chen Loujia.)

A Chinese proverb says, “Water is a mirror of the heart.”

Snowflake crystal by Alexey Kljatov.

Stanford University Professor Emeritus William A. Tiller said on his website that he and his research team “have repeatedly been able to change the acid/alkaline balance (pH) in a vessel of water either up or down, without adding chemicals to the water, merely by creating an intention to do so.”

There is a clear distinction between intention (niat) and thoughts, in comparison to 'action'. Intention and thoughts belong to a higher plane (intangible, higher frequencies), while 'action' belongs to the lower plane (tangible lower  frequencies). In Islam, the higher plane (niat and thoughts) is where the true color or vibration of any action resides. It stresess on 'ikhlas' or sincerity. A seemingly 'good' action may hide bad intention or thought, and vice-versa. Best policy is to b TRUE TO ONE SELF.

Recalling 'air jampi' arwah ayahanda Saidon (juga ayat-ayat Syifa).

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