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Sunday, 5 October 2014


Hari ini Raya Haji. Temanya korban. Bekalannya, makna melepaskan, tunduk dan serah. Harinya hujan. Nadanya tangisan. Pesannya, 

"Umur dah hampir separuh abad, berpada-pada la layan internet tu, jenguk-jenguk la inner-net kamu, kot-kot ada banyak isu yang perlu didamaikan."

Terkenang pengorbanan arwah ayahanda.

Saya sebarkan.

Today is Aidil Adha. The theme is sacrifice. The substance, is the meaning of letting go, submission and surrender. The day is raining. The tone is crying. The message,

"Age is coming near to half a century, be moderate in engaging with the internet, return back to your inner-net, perhaps, there are many issues that need to be pacified." 

Reminiscing the sacrifice made by my late father.

I hereby spread the message. 

(Tautan ke inner-net/Link:) 

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