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Saturday, 3 March 2012


"Aku Naik Saksi (I Bear Witness)"
Video concept by Hasnul J Saidon
Video editing by Shamsul Ikhmal Mansori

This piece is based on syahadah or the proclamation and affirmation of faith in Islam. In such affirmation, one bears witness that "there is no god, but Allah." The utterance of syahadah is fundamental in Islamic Tauhid. Tauhid essentially implies 'making one" as embodied by Surahtul Al-Ikhlas. It also signifies the 'oneness' of knowledge. 

Through Tauhid, one becomes aware of one's state of mind (quantum energy) and able to return to the abode of peace or spiritual well-being. Such energy is sustained through the principles of interdependency, synchronicity and connectivity instead of fragmentation and chaos. Through zikr (repeated invocation of selected Quranic verses) one can learn to stabilize and silent one's mind to reach a purer and higher state of consciousness (energy).

The video is presented through a series of 'dissolve-in' natural images of atoms, molecules, water, human fetus, domes, sun rays, satellite images, planets, stars, and galaxies in a rotational manner. 

The mood is meditative and contemplative. It is meant to heal, dissipating toxic mind, fragmented thoughts and stained emotion, whilst synchronizing the mind, body and soul. It is also meant to heighten one's state of awareness (to bear witness of one's own mind and emotion). In a laying down position, with one's backbone flat on the floor, one is invited to submit her/his ego (the small 'i') and bear witness of a greater intangible and universal force that is inherently vibrating within one's higher form of consciousness. 

Syahadah is pertinent in the light of current polemics surrounding the use of the word 'Allah'. Perhaps such polemics may provide ample opportunity for better appreciation, deeper understanding, internalizing, living and manifestation of syahadah for everyone. Instead of poisoning, one should look at everything as a blessing and healing.

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